Our Services

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Recruitment – from the initial briefing until the employment agreement is signed we work to get the very best candidate for clients and then help with the induction programme. We prefer the personal touch rather than a highly automated system as it allows us to assess the candidates all the way through the process and to make our clients their preferred choice of employer.

Individual support – these dreamstime_xs_58356949 blueservices range from designing systems for individual performance reviews, to assisting with reviews, engaging in more targeted management of staff performance issues to career transition, whether that is stepping towards retirement, outplacement support for those being made redundant or working with those who are reflecting on their next goals.

People strategies – to be truly effective, every organisation that is
dependent on its employees needs to have a People Strategy. This will answer the questions of – how many staff will we need to have to achieve our business goals? Where will the y come from? How will we develop them? How much should we be paying? How much should we be investing in training? How will we deal with the aging workforce?

dreamstime_xs_32590431 goldChange management – Every so often organisations need to be refreshed to ensure the structure and staff functions are properly aligned with the organisation’s goals. The key is ensuring the design and execution do not result in unintended consequences that outweigh the value achieved from the change. Being able to balance all the elements of the change to get the best results comes with experience.

Employment issues – Investigations, discipline and dismissals are challenging for all employers, and Anne Aitken always works to achieve the most constructive outcome so that all parties can move on as quickly as possible, acknowledging there are some things that are not negotiable. Anne has undertaken many negotiations with unions and other employee advocates and prides herself on her ability to develop constructive relationships no matter how difficult the situation.

Tools – Anne is qualified to use a range of HR related tools:

  • Belbin team types – for team building
  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) Personality profiles – for understanding each other
  • SHL profiling tools – for recruitment and development
  • Saville profiling tools – for recruitment and development
  • Genesys profiling tools – for recruitment and development

There are a number of other tools she uses in addition to these.