Happy clients and candidates

gold pen

“Thank you so much for all you have done for [us]. You have helped so much in sharpening our focus, asking us the challenging questions, providing ideas and advice, giving us information and links to resources, inspired us to move beyond analysis to action and so much more… Thank you for being so responsive to where we were up to and for being so generous in sharing your experience and knowledge with us. On top of all of this, you generously hosted us at your house and were a thoroughly lovely person to talk to!” (Mentoring client)

“I just wanted to let you know I got the position at [the organisation]  :) The interview went well and I found the prep we did gave me confidence in answering some of those difficult questions. (Person receiving career transition support)

“EXCELLENT!!!    Thank you, thank you. With immense gratitude for your professional excellence.” (CEO not for profit on resolving personal grievance)

“Many thanks for this comprehensive piece of work…It is comforting to have the high level of expertise you both offer as we work our way through this distressing scenario…Again, thank you for your warm support and thorough professionalism.” (CEO not for profit on personal grievance)

“Well done from me.  I can’t say that I enjoyed the process but I certainly got more out of it that I expected. Eg: having to sit across the table from [the employee] and getting him to admit [what he did], and also then not having to pay anything. Thank you so much for all you did for us.” (Company director re personal grievance)

“Thanks for your part in the process. Aside from the offer, I was extremely happy and impressed with how both [the company] and yourself approached everything with professionalism and integrity. In my experience this is often missing.” (Successful recruitment candidate)

“I just wanted to email and thank you for all of your support – I could not have navigated this without it! Your practical, compassionate approach really guided me in the right direction.” (Not for profit Board chair on disciplinary matter)

I would like to extend warm and heartfelt thanks for your guidance over the last couple of tumultuous months.  I passed through the eye of the storm unscathed and cannot express adequately how grateful I am that you were there by my side.”  (Not for profit board chair on strategic issues)

“I’d like to personally thank you for your support & assistance throughout the process….it was one of the better processes I have gone through as a candidate, & this was in large part to your commitment & genuineness in supporting me as no doubt you did (the company) as the client too.” (Unsuccessful recruitment candidate)

“Thank you so much for making the process as efficient and as friendly as it can be whilst always maintaining your professionalism.  A shame about the final outcome, but so far as dealing with you is concerned it has been an utter pleasure.” (Unsuccessful recruitment candidate)

“Finally had time to read and appreciate this report and thank you Anne. It is very valuable.” (Not for profit board chair re report on organisational dysfunction)

“I am feeling so enthusiastic after spending time with you yesterday – I am really getting a lot out of talking with you and the advice and feedback you give me is so helpful.” (Mentoring client)

“Thank you so much for the advice and the fair and direct way you have dealt with me through this process…Luckily your clear, informed and appropriate description of what the situation was really was like a room of lightbulbs going off.” (Subject of an investigation)